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Annalisa L. Raymer, the director of CLASP, is delighted to have the best job in the world—challenging and cheering on learners who are pursuing their goals.  She has been involved in education of one form or another all of her adult life, in cultures and places ranging from Appalachia to Alaska to Germany.   Before she began teaching in the Education Minor here at Cornell, she taught in undergraduate and graduate programs in Community and Organizational Leadership, Public Policy, Gender Studies, and Appalachian Studies, as well as in Education.  She enjoys designing faculty development in the scholarship of teaching (SoTL) and in community-engaged teaching and research.  Annalisa does indeed have a Kentucky accent and is still just a little bit proud of being a first generation college student at Berea College and going on to complete a doctorate at Cornell.

Annalisa can be reached at


Dave Nelson is the program liaison at CLASP, and recently joined the team Fall 2017.

Dave can be reached at


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