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Add a great course for Spring 2016

Engaged Courses—with Global Connections–right here on campus!
Seeking meaningful courses with community engagement with opportunities for cultural exchange (& without the issue of transportation)?  Two Education courses provide that opportunity!
Through the Community Learning + Service Partnership, students enrolled in EDUC 2200 and/or 2210 study adult learning and nonformal education AND mentor a Cornell Employee who wants to pursue an educational goal. You can collaborate with community members right here at their workplace—our campus.  For students interested in Global Learning, or wanting to work with English Language Learners, many of the CU employee learners come to CLASP looking for help with improving their facility with the language.  Opportunities for mutual exchange for cultural understanding abound.
This Fall
EDUC 2200  Community Learning and Service Partnership (CLASP): Introduction to Adult Learning, Meets on Tuesdays, 12:20-2:15, plus a weekly meeting with an employee Learning Partner.
EDUC 2210  Community Learning and Service Partnership (CLASP): Contexts and Methods of Adult Learning, Meets on Thursdays, 12:20-2:15, plus a weekly meeting with an employee Learning Partner.
Questions?  Contact the CLASP director, Annalisa L. Raymer by email: alr26, or phone: 255.4673. Web:
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